Work Hard Once:

Creating game-changing wealth online starts here.


Everything you need to launch
profitably without losing your mind.

Clients tell you all the time that your work is life-changing and business-transforming. Your gut tells you that you’ve got a secret sauce that so many more people could benefit from if only you could reach them all. Or maybe, you’ve tried to scale the work you do with individual clients, but your first launch of your digital product totally tanked.

We’re here to grant you permission to stop serving one-on-one clients and tell you launching your product profitably doesn’t have to be so hard. Instead, you can Work Hard Once by delivering value-packed online experiences to more people for way more money.

If you’re like us, it’s about more than the money. It’s about the freedom to send your kid to the best school, to buy a car that doesn’t break down, to finally split from a hard relationship, or to be able to contribute to the causes you care about in your community. It’s about making a positive impact in the world with the work you do.

And though you know your digital product (online course, membership, or group coaching) does just that, deliver high-value to your clients and make a positive impact in the world, it’s hard to know how to get that product in front of the people who need it most.

When you complete Work Hard Once, you’ll have a fully baked strategy and step-by-step plan to launch with confidence and impact. And as our past client will tell you, the money will be rolling in, and with it, more options for how to define and live your best life.

Launch Your
digital product

with our 16-week group coaching program

Work Hard Once was designed for women leaders like you.

You’ve got the “what.”

Let us teach you the “how.”

If you’ve got an e-course, membership community, or a high-ticket mastermind, this 16-week program is for you. You’ll co-create with our experienced team a custom marketing plan to launch your course easily, effectively, and with a fat ol’ profit margin.  

Launching for the first time or without enough help or know-how is overwhelming AF. We’ve seen it from countless clients who came to us when they were on the verge of giving up on their dreams of passive, evergreen, or recurring revenue.  

Work Hard Once takes the knowledge gleaned from years of profitable launches, applying the processes and proven formulas we’ve used to launch five- and six-figure courses for clients with little to no social following and 500-or-less email lists. This course will shave years off your life and help you get revenue in the door faster. 

We’re like the fairy godmothers who tell you what to do and when to do it. We’ve got checklists for everything, and organization that Marie Kondo would envy.

Only instead of tidying up, we’re leveling up your ability to create game-changing wealth online.

Work Hard Once will give you:


  • The tools and confidence to finally have the launch you’ve so far only seen others brag about

  • A formula for how to sell to your ideal customer without feeling sleazy

  • Clarity on your digital sales funnels so all that brand awareness you’ve been working on converts into cash and clients  

  • One hour-long one-on-one coaching session at any time during the 8 weeks to help you stay on track (a value of $1,000)

  • A winning launch structure that fits with your time constraints and is right for your business model

  • The know-how to create course materials and offers that turn customers into champions for your brand

  • A model for how to select the right bonuses for your offer and when and how to release them during your launch

  • Tips to keep you consistent, motivated, and vibing with a growth mindset. 

You’ll get a built-in cheer squad: like-minded people who are encouraging you and rooting for you each step of the way.
(Yes, we said cheer squad! No pom-poms, though, we promise. You with us?)

 Work hard once is open for fall 2021

We’re currently accepting applications.

Your Framework for Success:

Week 1: Foundations of Online Marketing

We’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to start making consistent money online.

Week 2: The Sales Funnel

How to move your ideal customer from product awareness to actually buying your course.  

Week 3: Crafting Your Offer

The secret sauce for making your offering a no-brainer purchase for your audience.

Week 4: Pre-launch Prep Work

Exactly what to do to grow and engage your audience 90, 60, and 30 days out from your launch day.

Week 5: Your Course Launch

How to structure your launch to sell the f*ck out of your course. Seriously, this week is so good, f-bombs will be dropped.

Week 6: Marketing Your Course

What to do and say to your audience each day of your launch so your launch week is smooth, efficient, and profitable as all get out.

Week 7: Preparing to Sell Your Product

Learn our proven formulas and blueprints for creating marketing materials that will drive conversions.

Week 8: Mindset for Growth

You’ve put in the hard work. Now we’ll teach you how to replicate the processes you learned to launch profitably year-round.

Week 9 – 12: You can’t get rid of us that easy!

Because we are so committed to seeing you succeed, we will still get to hang out (over email and Slack) for another whole month!

Everything you need to launch profitably.
Here’s what you get when you join Work Hard Once.


  • 16 weekly live workshops, plus email and Slack support 

  • An additional 4 weeks of support via email and Slack 

  • A 30-minute individual kickoff call at the start of the program to guide you in shaping your digital product idea

  • Project management checklists so you know what assets and copy you need when, and can proactively plan the resources you need to rock your launch

  • A personal, custom review and feedback of your sales page

  • Downloadable exercises designed to help you customize your digital product marketing strategy so it reaches the right audience and makes you money.


    • One hour-long one-on-one coaching session at any time during the 8 weeks to help you stay on track (a value of $1,000)

    • Full Swing PR’s proven-to-work DIY PR templates to help you grow your brand awareness with effective PR (a value of $47) 

    The doors are now open for Work Hard Once.

    We’re only opening this program to a select number of people. 

    Meet Holly Conti


    With more than a decade of experience managing brand platforms in digital, television, and print media, she’s worked on campaigns for HP and the Smithsonian. She’s produced episodes with guests the likes of Kris Jenner, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Giancarlo Esposito. Holly is best known for her six-figure launches for clients’ e-courses and digital products. Holly is borderline-obsessed with creating launch strategies, and she loves digging into sales funnels in order to guide clients through the ins and outs of the ever-changing digital marketing world. With Holly’s guidance, online entrepreneurs have gained the confidence, knowledge and straight-up moxy to rocket their businesses to the next level. Holly lives in Syracuse, NY with her young daughter, Eloise (aka The Squeeze), and sexy firefighter husband Aaron.

    Action Steps to
    Move You
    Forward Today

    Work Hard Once was designed to give you actionable steps that you can apply to your launch right now.

    This is not just an idea, but the actual steps you need to take your digital product from zero to SOLD. These formulas will show you how to: 

    • How to effectively promote a webinar 
    • Craft a valuable lead generation strategy that draws in the clients or customers that are most likely to buy your course
    • Create a course sales page geared toward making those sales
    • A proven-to-work structure for writing automated emails that will be sent to your list, as well as how to follow up to keep them wanting more


    Is Work Hard Once right for you?

    Work Hard Once will work best for business leaders who: 

    • Have a digital product already created and ready to market, are in the process of creating it, or have their product live and need help launching it to the next level 
    • Have an email marketing platform currently in use or are willing to get one 
    • Are ready to put in designated time and effort to this course, and ultimately, the success of their launch

    Ready for your online business to start working for you?

    We got you, and you got this!
    We are so thrilled you’re here, and can’t wait for you to join us
    so we can hear you say, “Hell, yes, I launched my digital product!”