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Hey you! I’m so happy you’re here. Work Hard Once (WHO) is for badass business owners like you who are ready to find success with your awesome online course or membership site without the hair pulling or late-night stress fests—with more profit and fewer “oh sh*t” moments. You have the ‘what’ (your awesome online course) but the ‘how’ of getting it out into the world successfully is the reason you regularly wake up at 3 a.m. questioning everything. What you’re missing is an approachable framework to launch with confidence — the Confident Launch Framework, to be specific. I created the Confident Launch Framework because as I led launches, I encountered so many amazing women entrepreneurs who had an amazing digital product but didn’t have the gears in place for a smooth launch. So I created the framework I wish I’d had when I was planning my first launches. 


Holly Conti

With WHO, you get a comprehensive launch framework you can use again and again to bring in profit PLUS ongoing support from a launch pro who’ll support you through each step of implementation (and who’s brought in $30,000, $80,000, and $300,000 for her clients in days), so you can launch with less stress, and more profit. 

Because I respect the heck out of my time and yours, before we jump right in, let’s make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Please take a few minutes to complete the form below.

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