Helping Women leaders be seen and sought after

Learn how in a private one-on-one
PR VIP DAY experience with
Caitlin Copple Masingill

We get it.

Many small business owners and even large nonprofits can’t afford the cost of a talented, national PR firm, but that doesn’t mean you all don’t need it. We also work with clients who’ve been burned by working with large agencies in the past who didn’t hustle or truly care.  At the end of the day, you long to be seen and sought after by the customers or clients who would benefit most from your product or service. 

That’s where we come in. Starting in 2021, Full Swing PR is offering a limited number of private individual client experiences each quarter to best-fit individuals and organizations.

“I am grateful for your ‘get shit done-ness.’ From the first call I had with you, you have relentlessly come at a challenge from a place of yes and with the confidence required to actually execute.”

– Erica Mackey, Co-founder and CEO of MyVillage

What if you could spend one day creating a smart, effective PR plan for 2021 alongside a former journalist and PR expert who has placed clients in The New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes

This invite-only private
one-on-one experience
isn’t for everyone. It’s a fit if:

  • You have a product or service ready to sell or a cause for which people can take action right now. 

  • You want to get on TV in the next 1-3 months.

  • You want to see your byline in online news sites and blogs that will reach your target audience.

  • You want to charge more for speaking engagements or client work, sell more books, gain more donations, or run for office.

Particularly if you are a BIPOC-, LGBTQ+ or women-led organization, your mere existence is revolutionary, and people need to know you’re out there so they can support your work. You deserve an agency that shares your values and cares as much as you do about the success of your business.

We understand PR can be overwhelming.
You don’t know where or even how to start.
You’re worried the news media will not be interested in your business.

That’s where we
come in.

Starting in 2021, Full Swing PR is offering a limited number of private individual client experiences each quarter to best-fit individuals and organizations.

What’s included in a PR VIP Day, you ask?


Expert Analysis

  • We’ll review what you are doing currently for PR, and why it isn’t working, as well as review past news clips that mentioned you or your top 2 competitors. 
  • A deep dive to create, edit or refresh your organization’s 3 key messages and brand promise. 

Become a Thought Leader

  • 3 things you can do in the next month to become a subject matter expert that journalists will turn to for analysis and advice. 
  • A list of 10-20 best-fit outlets that would accept a guest op-ed or blog from someone like you.
  • 4 concepts for how you or your business can “be the news” this year. 

Tools You Can Use Today

  • A “hot list” of 50 best-fit reporters so you can contact them directly. 
  • Template emails you can send to best-fit reporters who will be inclined to cover you and your business.
  • A checklist to help you determine if your “news” is truly worthy of a press release or pitch, or if it would be stronger as a blog. 
  • 5 editorial calendars from your priority publications, with 3-5 ready-to-go pitches you can send yourself to the appropriate contact.
  • A press release template you can repurpose.
  • A list of affordable ways to distribute your press release by state and nationally without hiring an expensive agency. 

Ongoing Support

  • 1 coaching call 4-6 weeks after your VIP day to help you stay on track and answer any questions that are coming up.
  • 6 months of access to our alumni Slack group where people can ask questions and learn from one another, as well as my team and me. 
  • Exclusive access to in-person events


“Life, business, and politics are all about who you know–and somehow, Caitlin Copple’s sphere of influence includes everyone you need to know.”

— Ruth Hackney, CEO at Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin

I’m Caitlin Copple Masingill


I’ve spent my entire career helping women-led businesses and organizations tell their stories to create a better world. But at the end of the day, many cannot afford to invest $5,000 – $10,000 a month for PR retainer services. If you have the appetite to learn how to do PR well in-house, and in a way that complements and helps drive existing digital marketing efforts, this private client experience is for you.  

Ready to make news with business? Book your one-on-one PR VIP Day.