Make Headlines PR Accelerator

Our PR Accelerator package delivers exactly what you need to jumpstart your brand’s visibility in 6 weeks.

More visibility can transform your business. Being in the media is one way to attract the attention that can power your platform so you can make big changes in the world. Whether you are writing a book, looking to become a sought-after keynote speaker, considering a run for office, or creating a nonprofit to leave a positive legacy in your community, PR can power your journey.

Consider what the following could mean for your business:

➡️ Getting a guest column in Forbes as a credible expert in your field

➡️ Successfully launching a new product or service

➡️ Winning awards that position you as an industry leader

➡️ Honing your message so you can show up consistently in your communications

➡️ Understanding how newsrooms make decisions so you can jump in with a relevant pitch based on current events or trends.

A lot goes into doing PR, and for busy business owners, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Maybe you are flirting with hiring a PR agency, but the price or long-term commitment gives you pause.

To dramatically increase your likelihood of PR success, you need certain tools in your pocket – tools used everyday by publicists and digital marketers that will help you get closer to gaining the visibility you need to unlock the power of your influence and make the impact you want in the world.

Build Your Buzz.

PR is all about building a buzz, and a big part of it is an output game: developing pitch angles and knowing who to pitch, plus writing guest commentaries editors actually want to publish. Once clients see some quick wins and begin showing up consistently, their brand gains traction. Potential customers come knocking, and reporters start asking them for comments.

Make Headlines.

The Make Headlines PR Accelerator includes everything you need to get started with PR, and tees you up for future media success. The PR Accelerator isn’t just a plan that you’re left to implement on your own. It’s 6 weeks of actual PR implementation support to help you create the assets you need to become a sought after expert in your industry who is finally visible in the media.

As a busy business owner, you struggle to pinpoint the right PR strategy, and often lack the team, experience, or the time to do it yourself. Make Headlines PR Accelerator delivers the essential things you need to get started in a meaningful way, and see what happens when you put PR into action.

What’s included in the 6-week Make Headlines PR Accelerator:

➡️ Own Your Story. This three-hour pitch intensive will uncover exactly who you need to reach so you know where to focus your pitching efforts. We’ll co-create compelling news angles you can use right away. (Value $3,000)

➡️ Thought Leadership. Showing up as a “thought leader” is all about showcasing the transformation you offer your clients so that others can learn from your experience. We’ll write two, 500-word articles you can pitch to a third party outlet, or post to your LinkedIn in order to showcase your expertise and build credibility among potential clients. (Value $1000; $2/word)

➡️ Media Kit. A media kit makes life easier for producers, podcast hosts, and reporters by succinctly explaining what you do and why it’s newsworthy. We’ll create yours. ($600)

➡️ Pitch Perfect. Based on what we learn in the pitching intensive, we’ll start pitching for you. Package includes five well-researched pitches to best-fit reporters at outlets that are relevant to your ideal client. ($2,000)

➡️ Press Release. We’ll workshop or develop from scratch a 500-word press release that is ready to send out to help you launch your campaign or showcase your brand’s impact. (Value $1,500)

➡️ Social Media Makeover.  Even big brands struggle to make sure they are showing up consistently on social media, highlighting the right offer with the best key message to resonate with their ideal client. We’ll revamp three social media profiles, including your LinkedIn headline and about section. (Value $600)

➡️ Get Visible with Awards and Speaking. We’ll research awards in your industry, as well as speaking opportunities and handle all aspects of nominating or applying on your behalf. Includes one application for either an award or speaking opportunity. (Value $2,000)

➡️ Fix Your Website. We’ll audit your homepage or offer sales page with a clear, 20-minute video chock full of recommendations you can use to make it stronger and help you sell. (Value $350)


Payment Plans Available

Having grown our own business from solopreneur to seven figures in under four years, we want this package to be available for the folks struggling with the same issues we’ve overcome in our own business, and perfected through our client work.

Just 30% of expert news sources are women, and that desperately needs to change. PR success is within reach, particularly if you have the right tools to get started and the expert guidance to help.

Make Headlines

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Payment plans are available.

About Full Swing.

A PR partner that hustles like a mother

Clients turn to Full Swing PR when they need to stand out in a sea of sameness. Sometimes, they question whether their story is worth telling, and always, they struggle to feel like they are fully seen – by industry peers, by potential customers, and often, by their own marketing agency.

Founded in 2019, Full Swing PR is a public relations and digital marketing agency led by two working moms that helps leaders be seen and sought after so they can reclaim power and rewrite the human story. We build PR and digital platforms for those historically left out of the conversation: women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ leaders.

About Caitlin.

Caitlin Copple Masingill (she/they) is a strategic communications expert with more than 15 years of experience. Her clients have been in Fast Company, Forbes, TIME, and The New York Times, among others. From leading communications during a runoff election for Boise, Idaho’s first female mayor, to defeating extreme-right political candidates in a Republican primary election, Caitlin brings deep political and policy experience in addition to her background as a former journalist and PR director.

In 2011, Caitlin was the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the Missoula, Montana City Council. In 2019, she was named among Idaho’s Accomplished Under 40 by the Idaho Business Review, and in 2021, she was honored among the Idaho Women of the Year. She holds an M.A. in journalism from the University of Montana and loves enjoying the outdoors with her young son, Tollie. She lives in Boise and spends as much time as possible in Missoula.

About Holly.

Holly Conti (she/her) is the co-owner of Full Swing PR. Since she joined in 2020, the agency has more than tripled its revenue. Holly believes that ethical marketing starts with respect for the consumer and her client’s marketing strategies aim to deliver value at every step of the customer journey. Holly ensures her clients have the right pieces in place to capture the attention they get from PR and turn those eyeballs into customers. Holly has helped clients grow their email lists from 2,000 to 20,000, tripled the sales of online course revenue in less than six months, and grown social media followings by 10,000 and up to 50,000. She’s overseen paid advertising campaigns of more than $300,000 and has led several six-figure launches for online business owners. A former TV journalist, Holly brings integrated strategic marketing expertise to each Full Swing client. She lives in New York with her husband and young daughter, Eloise.