The Confident Launch Masterclass

Organize your launch to maximize your profit.

The Two-Part Launch Plan:

An effective launch strategy that combines marketing with project management so online business owners and their teams can launch with confidence and profitability.

Hey, online business owner,

I see you. You’ve got a killer online course, mastermind, or membership site. It’s getting results for your clients and you know it could be a serious source of revenue for your business.

But every launch feels like…

➡️ you’re creating your content at the 11th hour 

➡️ too many late nights, mistakes on your sales page, confusion and headaches 

➡️ stressful, last-minute changes and pivots because it’s not working.

You’re not meeting your goals or growing your business like you know you can. You’ve basically accepted that every launch is going to be chaotic and that’s just the way it is.

But here’s the reality.



You weren’t given the full story when you first learned about how to launch your course.

The number one mistake I see with most launch strategies is that they don’t include how you’re going to carve out the time in your day to create the content you’ll need to launch. 

Most launch strategies teach you how to market your online course, but they don’t account for the time and organization needed to effectively sell your course. And, since at the end of the day time = money, this means business owners are spinning their wheels, wasting time and losing any profit margin they’d otherwise have.

Why is this mistake so common?


Duh, you’re busy serving your existing customers. 

Prioritizing your own needs and the needs of your business above your client work is hard. Without an implementation plan, most business owners save their launch strategy until the last minute. 

That means, in the crucial days leading up to your launch, instead of nurturing your ideal client and spending time connecting with them, you’re frantically trying to finish your sales page, write your emails, and create your ads. 

You enter launch mode feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and questioning if anything you created is even going to work.



Maybe you’re born with it.

Or maybe you’ve got a launch plan. 


I created my Confident Launch framework to help business owners learn the strategies they need to sell their online course and equip them with the project management tools they need to implement a profitable launch that meets or exceeds their goals. 


The Confident Launch Masterclass

Organize your launch to maximize your profit.

Thursday, November 4 at 2pm ET


    Holly Conti is a Partner at Full Swing Public Relations, where she oversees digital marketing efforts and “Work Hard Once” a small group coaching program designed to help women leaders launch profitably and with confidence. She brings over a decade of experience managing brand platforms in digital, television, and print media. Holly lives in New York with her husband and young daughter, Eloise.