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Launch with more profit and way less stress


It was the week before my first launch…

I was barely getting 4 hours of sleep a night, waking up in a cold sweat over everything I’d forgotten to do the day before. Fifteen-hour work days had become my new norm. I’d worked through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years and I wasn’t showing up for my young daughter like I wanted to.

I knew I wanted (NEEDED) better balance in my life, but I didn’t see how I could do that while executing a successful, six-figure launch.

Despite following the experts and trying to replicate their magic, I finally admitted to myself that I was lost.

I was staring into my computer screen not even sure what post or email needed to be written next. I didn’t think I would ever figure out how to do this on my own. 

So I did what I always do when I’m stressed out and at my wits’ end: 

I started organizing what would become Work Hard Once, my 16-week small group coaching program for online business owners. 

I organized all the marketing tactics I’d gathered from my former life as a project manager for marketing agencies and as a TV producer. I reviewed everything I’d learned from watching launch experts and from teaching myself by Googling the hell out of every step. And by going through my launch step by step, testing and adjusting and testing again, I built a system that broke down the complex launch tactics into bite-sized, digestible pieces. Finally, I defined what needed to happen, when and how. I found launch clarity through a system I built to work for me, that anticipated problems before they arose and included Plan Bs for every scenario I could dream up. My stress level decreased and my home was happier.

Dozens of launches later, I’ve tested, refined, and implemented this plan for online business owners like you so that it’s easy to follow and delivers the goods. A profitable, confident launch can be yours. I’ve seen I’ve seen it one-on-one, with past Work Hard Once clients, and I’ve seen it in my own business:

  • $30K in a single week for a client who used the cash to add more people to her team, giving her the space in her day to serve her clients even more (she went on to have an $80k launch six months later.)
  • $25K in two days for a client who made $10k over her initial goal by the end of her launch and she used that money to fuel her next big idea. 
  • $15K for a client who wanted to test a new product before spending more time and energy on developing it. Spoiler alert: it worked.  

My Confident Launch Framework has yielded progress at every turn, and profit for everyone who used it. (No, really.) 

You read that right: 100% percent of my launches met or exceeded their sales goals.

Do you follow successful launches, but find their formulas don’t work for you?

Being the savvy entrepreneur you are, you’ve done your research. You follow other launches and take note of the steps they use to launch their product. And looking at it from the outside, you see successful launches that seem to have all the key ingredients. But when you put them together for yourself, they’re just not adding up to that baked-to-perfection, ooey gooey, irresistible launch that you know could (should) be yours.  

You put all the time and energy into perfecting the launch tactics you see others using, only to find your launch coming out half-baked.

It’s not you. EVERY online business owner (and I mean every — even the experts) uses tactics that do and don’t work. So if you follow a launch only from the outside, you don’t know what’s actually working, and which tactics that business owner left by the wayside because they didn’t work. 

Without guidance from someone who has experienced the highs and lows of launching, you’ll struggle to get out of the ruts that inevitably accompany any launch. Instead of breaking down the barriers to a confident launch, you’ll stay where you are. 

Hi, I’m Holly!

I’m a Partner and the Head of Digital Marketing at Full Swing Public Relations, which helps women leaders be seen and sought after in order to earn game-changing wealth online. My group coaching program, Work Hard Once, has a waiting list and track record of five and six-figure launches for online solopreneurs and small businesses. From seeing the email open rates during the pre-launch phase to watching course enrollments and new memberships roll in after launching, I jump up and down with joy seeing other women entrepreneurs succeed and bring in all the revenue. I can’t wait to do the same for you. 

In a sea of launch experts,
it’s hard to know who to trust.

Everyone these days is launching and blowing up your IG feed with their ‘secrets’ to doing it profitably. If you’re looking to make a quick buck with your digital product, I’m likely not your gal. I work with transformative business owners who know their product or service gets results. Like me, you’re in it for the long haul, and one downloadable PDF or free class isn’t going to cut it. You want an accountability partner who is committed to staying on top of the industry trends, someone with a good bullsh*t detector, and someone who cares as much about your business succeeding as I do my own. 

You also need someone who won’t join you in your freak out or pity party. You need a guide with an empathetic ear and a plan for what to do next. 

I’ve transformed my struggles with launching into a system to help you launch with less stress and more money. You’ll learn a system rooted in patience and organization, best practices and a whole lot of fun.  

Sound up your alley? I look forward to welcoming you into Work Hard Once.

You bring something transformative to the table.


You love your current 1:1 clients, and they adore you. Your work is delivering results, but your online course isn’t bringing in the revenue or having the impact you dream of…yet

Let me be clear: you don’t need to be obsessed with marketing to sell your course. You don’t need to be a marketer. You just need an offer people want to buy and one that you’ve seen transform lives and businesses through your one-on-one work. When you have a marketer in your corner, pointing you in the direction you need to go next, your digital product will succeed. 

Let someone who lives, breathes, and loves marketing handle it for you. 

You’ve transformed your 1:1 services into a genius digital product that offers high value to your audience. You have an online course, membership, mastermind or group coaching program that has the potential to bring you recurring revenue — the kind of revenue that will let you take Fridays off, send your kids to a better school, or finally split from a hard relationship.  


But about that launch part…


When you’ve tried to launch in the past,
you’ve felt like: 


  • You’re trying to open a lock but don’t have the right key
  • Your audience is out there, but you’re struggling to connect with them
  • You’re working on building your email list but don’t have a massive list or social media following (yet)
  • Launching has felt confusing and stressful AF. You worry you can’t successfully and confidently do it as a 1-woman (or small business) team
  • You dream of having guidance, support, and encouragement from someone who has successfully launched courses and knows how to help women business owners. You’d love to learn in a community where you can connect with others who are as passionate as you are about what they bring into the world

Need a launch bestie? Picture this:

  • You made time, pre-launch, to test out what worked and felt like your launch truly reflected your audience’s hopes, dreams, and personality. You feel like you finally found your people. 
  • After launching, you pinch yourself because you feel rested and relaxed. Just a couple days into cart open, you’ve already surpassed your sales goals. It actually feels kind of easy to generate cash on demand!
  • You already feel confident (excited even!) about your next launch because you know your strategy and step-by-step plan to keep the money rolling in, allowing you to define and create your best life.
  • You are celebrating your wild success with your kickass launch partner (who has led $80K+ launches in days). Her guidance was invaluable and got you through the tough moments where you might haven’t given up without a squad in support you met during Work Hard Once.

Work Hard Once is like a launch project manager in your pocket.


In 16 weeks, Work Hard Once will coach you toward a confident, profitable digital product launch. We demystify the launch lingo into funnels, steps, tactics, and “must-do’s” to co-create the best launch for you. Best of all, you’ll master the Confident Launch Framework so you can use it again and again to replicate six-figure launches each year.

You will come away with: 

The tools and confidence to finally have a launch where you’re not working through weekends, holidays and evenings.

A formula for how to authentically sell to your ideal customer without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman.

Clarity on your digital sales funnels so all that brand awareness you’ve been working on converts into cash and clients.

An hour-long, 1:1 coaching session at any time during the 16 weeks to help you stay on track (a value of $1,000).

A profitable yet manageable launch structure that fits with your time constraints and is the right fit for your business model.

The know-how to create offers that turn customers into champions for your brand.

A model for how to select the right bonuses for your offer and when and how to release them during your launch.

Tips to keep you consistent, motivated, and vibing with a growth mindset.

“Do you launch services or products? Then Work Hard Once is the single best investment you can make this year. Not only do you learn how to launch, you learn the mechanics behind why you should launch. Getting the space to learn every week with other business owners helps you feel less alone and willing to try new techniques in order to succeed. I have no clue how I would have gotten my launches together without Work Hard Once. It’s the perfect solution for business owners at every level but especially solopreneurs. I know what every step and action in a launch means and why it matters. Holly offered such amazing, in-depth expertise and coaching that you can’t leave this experience without your investment being returned to you twofold! So what are you waiting for?”

– Jordan Maney, Radical Justice and Joy Coach


 The Confident Launch Framework

By going through Work Hard Once, you’ll master our proven framework
so you can launch with profit, again and again.

Phase 1: Focus Your Time

We’ll teach you the three phases of a confident launch, dial in on the support you’ll need to execute them, and teach you how to get it, whether you have the budget of a solopreneur or have a team of five.

Phase 2: Activate Your No BS Framework

Tap into the organizational tools you’ll need to launch with ease. From launch calendars, client success paths, systemized metrics, and Asana project management templates, you’ll come away with a streamlined launch system.

Phase 3: Grow Your Profit 

Convert your audience using the scripts, webinar outlines and prompts we’ll provide you for every sales email you’ll send to your audience.

Now enrolling for the December 8th – April 16th Cohort!

Applications open until November 11.

If you apply today you’ll also receive an Asana Project Template.

“I learned and implemented many of the strategies taught during Work Hard Once into my launches and increased sales in my business. If you’re looking to learn strategies that will take your business to the next level when launching digital products, then this is the course for you! Holly knows so much about sucessfully launching digital products and she does an amazing job teaching her students how to apply her knowledge.

– Kendra Claudette, The Kendra Studio

The Support and structure to launch profitably.

We don’t just give you the Confident Launch Framework and leave you to implement it on your own. With WHO, you gain access to a community of like-minded people who are encouraging and rooting for you every step of the way.

WHO is for you if…

  • You’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur with an online course, membership community, or a high-ticket mastermind that is created and ready to market 
  • You have an email marketing platform currently in use or are willing to get one
  • You believe wholeheartedly in your digital product and are committed to it becoming a primary source of revenue for your business in the next 12 months
  • You are ready to put in the designated time and effort needed to learn, test, and refine your launch tactics

WHO isn’t right if…

  • You’re in the ‘idea’ or beginning stages of creating your online course
  • You’ve considered doing an online course but are on the fence about it
  • You’re not committed to your online course becoming a primary revenue source for your business
  • You don’t have the time right now to commit to launching your e-course successfully


Who will get the most form Work Hard Once (WHO)?

If you’ve got an online course, membership community, or a high-ticket mastermind, this 16-week program is for you. WHO generates the best results for business owners who have a digital product already created and ready to market or have their product live and need help launching it to the next level. You have an email marketing platform currently in use or are willing to get one. You believe in your digital product and want it to become a primary source of revenue for your business. You are ready to put in designated time and effort to this course, and ultimately, the success of your launch.

What will I get from WHO?

WHO gives you the step-by-step framework you need to take your digital product from zero to SOLD (many times over). You’ll come away feeling confident that you can execute on every part of your launch. You’ll understand how to effectively promote a webinar and craft a valuable lead generation strategy that draws in the clients or customers that are most likely to buy your course. You’ll feel confident creating a course sales page geared toward making those sales. You’ll come away with a proven-to-work structure for writing automated emails that will be sent to your list, as well as how to follow up to keep them wanting more.

Couples & Group Therapy

What if I don’t have an online course or other digital product yet?

If you don’t have a fully-fledged online course, membership, or mastermind yet, you won’t get the maximum results from WHO. I want to set you up for success, and there are many other courses out there that can help you flesh out your product, but that’s not what WHO is designed to do. WHO is for online business owners who are ready to go to market with their product. Maybe you’ve considered doing a course but are on the fence, or aren’t committed to your online course as a primary revenue source for your business. WHO is designed for business owners who are committed to their online course and are counting on it to become a primary source of revenue within the next 12 months. WHO students are ready to go all in to make their digital product successful, know the work involved, and know it will be worth it.

What if my email list and/or social media following isn’t very big?

Growing your email list and social media following is something we tackle in WHO! If you worry that your email list and/or social media following isn’t large enough to market your course to, and have struggled to grow them in the past, this program is for you.

“So…remember when I was wondering if it was too late to launch a summer lead magnet? You said, ‘Go ahead! It’ll be fine!’ I launched, and today I passed 500 new subscribers! Just wanted to say thanks for all of the encouragement and for teaching me these skills.”

– Stacey, The Diabetes Connection

“I felt so cared for during the process of my launch. They were beyond giving with their knowledge and expertise. They continued to check in on me, listening to my needs, problem solving and cheering me on along the way. I am so grateful for Holly and this group of female powerhouses. I can’t wait to see the results of my first launch next week!”

– Misty Megia, The Theatre of Public Speaking

It’s no secret to either of us:
your services are worth more.

It’s time to realize the impact and lifestyle you dream of.



If you’re like me, behind every hour you put into creating your digital product and reaching your revenue goals is the desire to live life on your terms. 

Imagine, what could you do if your digital product brought in five and six figures every year?

When you have a system in place that has people waiting in (virtual) line for the doors to open, a system that brings you recurring revenue, you can finally close on your dream house, provide for your parents, send your kid to a better school, or carry out your dream of living abroad.

You’ve seen so many others rake in all the revenue with their launches. Do you really want to wait one more year before you see that same kind of success for your business?

It’s time to cut through the BS so you can see the results that will give you back your time and your freedom. WHO will help you master a system you can use again and again to profitably and confidently launch your digital product.

Helping other women leaders launch confidently and profitably is what keeps me fueled every day, and I can’t wait to watch WHO transform the launch process for you. If you’re not satisfied with the program, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee.

Let me take the stress and uncertainty out of launching your digital product.

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