Be Seen: Turn Your Brand’s Story into the News

Live Journalist Roundtable Event: The Art of the Media Exclusive


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As a business owner whose product is about to drop or campaign is about to launch, sharing your story with only one news outlet can lead to better placement, more eyes on your story, more awareness of your business, and ultimately, more money in your pocket.

But how do you pitch and negotiate a media exclusive? Why not just do a press release? How do you know a media exclusive is the best option for your story?

As a former journalist and the founder of Full Swing Public Relations, I’ve seen the power of exclusives for businesses like yours. I’ve helped our clients secure exclusives that led to them exceeding their fundraising goals. I’ve placed clients in The New York Times, Times, and Forbes, among other publications, and helped women leaders get elected through the power of PR.

The how, why, and when.

I’ll demystify the ‘how,’ ‘why,’ and ‘when’ of getting your story featured in one news outlet in the Art of the Media Exclusive, a free masterclass I designed for leaders like you. I’ve invited some of my favorite powerhouse journalists to join me in delivering this special roundtable event designed for business owners who want to get into a reporter’s brain and crack the code of pitching.

You’ll come away from this webinar understanding:


  • What journalists mean by an exclusive
  • How to choose a reporter and medium to pitch your exclusive to
  • Why an exclusive may serve your PR goals better than a press release
  • Proven strategies that have helped our clients find success with exclusives

Be Seen: Turn Your Brand’s Story into the News

Live Journalist Roundtable Event: The Art of the Media Exclusive

About Full Swing.

Full Swing Public Relations is a public relations and digital marketing agency led by working moms that helps women leaders be seen and sought after so they can reclaim power and rewrite the human story. We develop and execute PR and digital communications strategies that build the audience required to scale online courses, land book deals, and secure speaking gigs.

About Caitlin.

Caitlin Copple Masingill is the Founding Partner of Full Swing PR. With more than a decade of experience, her media placements have included Fast Company, Forbes, TIME, and The New York Times, among others. In 2019, she led communications to help elect Boise, Idaho’s first female mayor. In 2011, Caitlin was the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the Missoula, Montana City Council. In 2019, she was named among Idaho’s Accomplished Under 40 by the Idaho Business Review, and in 2021, she was honored among the Idaho Women of the Year. She holds an M.A. in journalism from the University of Montana and loves enjoying the outdoors with her young son, Tollie. She lives in Boise and Missoula.